Sunday, 23 June 2013

Just a Hobby Kind of Day

so this is my first post on what i hope i will do more of! Today was very much typical British weather, a combination of poring rain and a hint of sunshine. I went down my local Summer Leys and sat up in the scrape's double hide for a few hours due to the rain and out of no where a hobby popped up in full exit of the scrape being persuade by 2 lapwings, not 100% sure on what it had in it's talons due to the not great photo i got but i'm guessing on a young chick of some sort

I then made my way to the other side of the scrape to join my dad and sat up a bit whilst he sorted some things out and out the corner of my eye again i see a hobby wrestling with a Swift it had in its grasp, 
 so i left the hide straight away just as it was flying over the hide without the swift so had obviously lost that in the battle with all the other swifts that were mobbing it. I know they aren't the greatest shots as there was still a bit of height on it but i must say i am rather happy with the shots i got!

after that i just tried my luck at some swift shots and didnt go great but got 1 to keep me thinks :) 

1 comment:

  1. Some great work there Tom well done, looks like a possible Lapwing chick in the talons